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Working on heights?

LCA can help with your Fall Protection & Rescue Plan!
We are a Certified Fall Protection Plan Developer & Our service includes:

  • Conduct a site survey to establish fall risk, exposure and possible rescue kits/processes,
  • Compile risk assessment
  • Discuss risk and controls with client to ensure that controls can be complied to
  • Develop the fall protection and rescue plan,
  • Implement plan on site and ensure that the plan is effective,
  • Conduct regular site visits and surveys to ensure that the plan remains task specific.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  STOP USE safety notice issued by MSA, a supplier of personal protective equipment.

Due to incompatibility of the leg and chest strap of the MSA Gravity® Welder harnesses manufactured between July 2015 up to end of January 2018, these harnesses are being recalled.  MSA is advising that all these MSA Welder harnesses be removed from service, marked “UNUSABLE” destroyed.

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Specialist Areas

Legal Compliance Advisors (PTY) Ltd has vast experience in a diverse arena of Occupational Health and Safety, from major multi-million rand construction projects to small two-week projects. It’s all the same. Working with from the Designers, Project & Construction Managers to the guy pushing the wheelbarrow, that’s what we enjoy doing.  

Being one of the few duly certified and acknowledged legal compliance advisory companies; our footprint has grown to include offices in the West Coast, Boland, Cape Town and Gauteng. We also work closely with professional consultants across South Africa who understands the complexity of one-system, multi-sites, achieving results.

We Specialize in:

  • Legal Audits
  • Safety Files
  • Compliance Systems
  • Legal Compliance in the commercial and industrial industries
  • Construction safety and environmental management
  • Legal Compliance in project management Implementation of quality management systems
  • Commercial H&S Compliance
  • Fall Protection & Rescue Plan Developers
  • Client Agent Representation
  • Principal Contractor Representation
  • Sub-contractor representation